You will get most communication from Southeastern using your student email address (example:  However Southeastern uses your Primary Contact Email address for a few special circumstances:

  • In order to send your Welcome email
  • To send you a verification code in case you are resetting (not just changing) your CampusNet password because you can't get in to your account (ex: forgot password)
  • To communicate with you when you have left the school

For these reasons, it is important that you maintain the correct Primary Contact Email address. Here are the steps in case you need to change it:

  1. Go to Self-Service and Log in. 
  2. From the top menu select REGISTRATION - TERM CHECK-IN.
  3. On the Term Check-In page that appears, verify or update your personal information (address, phone, email) in all of the sections. For any section you change, insure the "This . . . is correct" checkboxes are checked.
  4. Check over the other information and click the Save button for any section you changed.  All sections should indicate a status of Completed.