A Video version of this is also available:  Term Check-In for Self-Service v9 [but also see the new section (red arrow) below].

Here are the instructions for doing Term Check-In before registering for classes using Self-Service v9:

  1. From CampusNet, click Menu then click Self-Service Home.
  2. On the Sign-in screen that appears, enter your 9-digit student number in the User Name field and click Next.
  3. Enter your password on the Welcome screen and click Sign in.
  4. If you haven't verified your Term Check-In contact information yet, you will see a note telling you to do that. You can either click the Go To Term Check-In button on the note or use the Registration menu at the top to select Term Check-In.
  5. On the Term Check-in screen, you will see the sections that hold your contact information.  On the right side of each section you will see either a red Required or green Completed flag. The Continue to Course Registration button will be grayed out until all of these sections show Completed.
  6. Click to open the top Verify Addresses section.  Check over all of the Mailing and Residential address information that appears and correct any missing or incorrect items.
  7. When each section is complete, click the This address is correct checkbox.  Note that all fields that have an asterisk in the top line must be filled in before you will be able to continue to course registration from this page. [If you are under 18 years old, you will also see the Parents/Guardians Address section which you are required to complete or verify].  Click the Save button when this section and its check boxes are complete.
  8. Continue to the Verify Phone Numbers and Emails section to check and complete all required items. Use the check boxes to indicate when the sections are complete, then click Save.
  9. Continue to the Verify Church Membership information.  As before, enter that information, click the check box to indicate the information is complete and click Save.                                                                                              
    - NEW ADDITIONTerm Check-In now includes a section for complying with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). This new section will allow you to add and manage any third party (including family) access to student records.


    For details on managing your records releases in this new section, see this article:

    How to Manage Your Student Records Releases (FERPA Releases)

    (This also shows how to access this function from your Self-Service Profile).

  10. It is suggested (but not required) that you use the bottom section to sign up for text/email alerts from Southeastern.  These are extremely helpful for notifying you in case of inclement weather, closings, emergency information, etc. These are only used for occasional very important notifications.  To sign up, just enter your phone/email address/zip code, click to accept the terms, and click the Sign Up button to submit.
  11. Once you have completed all the required sections of the Term Check-In page, click the Continue to Course Registration button at the bottom.  You will see your Courses page, and your Schedule will be shown after you add courses.  Use the Search field to search for a class by name, number or instructor, or you can use the Advanced Search controls.
  12. Now in the case where you haven't finished completing all sections, and you try to go to Registration - Courses, you will see this note reminding you to complete Term Check-In:

In this case, you would be able to search and view courses, but the Register button remains grayed out until you complete Term Check-In.