CampusNet will be upgraded to a new version on January 13, 2019. This article will outline some of the changes and new features you can expect.

Our new version of CampusNet provides a number of improvements and a brand new look. Although it appears to be quite different, be assured that most features are exactly the same.


  • Please view this video for an overview of the main feature changes
  • Brand new look, including the dashboard (My Moodle) and menu updates    
  • New “Hamburger menu” in the top left of the screen where you can see your current courses, roster, and add blocks.
  • Course PageNew gear in the top right hand corner where you can turn editing on, set up your grade book, and access other course settings
  • Attendance now only added as a course activity, no longer as a block



  • New “Hamburger menu” in the top left of the screen where you can see your current courses, calendar, and grade information
  • All-new timeline page on your dashboard that highlights upcoming activities and assignments that need attention
  • Updated mobile app with improved functionality. 
  • Click here to download the Moodle Mobile App


Where are my messages?

As the message states, they will be available shortly after you visit your messages screen. The system needs time to process them due to the upgrade. Please return in 15-30 minutes.

Why am I seeing old courses in my "In Progress" dashboard? (Faculty/Staff)

The new version of CampusNet now uses a course end date setting to determine when to move courses from the "in progress" to the "past" tab under My Moodle. IT has attempted to automatically determine end dates for your previous courses but some may have been missed.

To set the end date of a previous course and hide it from your current courses, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your course page
  2. Click the top-right gear > Edit Settings
  3. Select enable next to course end date, then choose a date that occurred in a past semester. Save your settings.