NOTE:  If you use Microsoft Teams for your class, please see this article for setting up a meeting with Teams:
Getting Started: Managing Teams for the Classroom   [Go to the Meetings/Recordings section]
           [If you don't use Teams in your class, use the instructions below for setting up the meeting with Outlook].  

Table of Contents

Schedule A Teams Meeting Using Microsoft Outlook

Link To A Scheduled Teams Meeting on your CampusNet course page

Schedule A Teams Meeting Using Microsoft Outlook

  • Navigate to the calendar view in Outlook 
  • In the top menu bar, select "New Teams Meeting"
  • Fill out the details according to your meeting specifications

  • Open the scheduled Teams meeting
  • Right click on "Click here to join the meeting" in the body of the meeting
  • Select "Copy Hyperlink"
  • Navigate to your course page on CampusNet and turn editing on
  • Add a new URL activity in the weeks of the course where you want the link to appear
  • Enter a label for the link in the Name box (ex. "Click here to join the Teams meeting.")
  • Right click in the External URL box and select "Paste"
  • Click "Save and return to course"
  • Confirm that the meeting link displays on your course page