How to share a folder via locally synced OneDrive

How to change permissions of an existing shared folder

How to find files shared with you or by you

How to share a folder via locally synced OneDrive 

Select existing file or folder in OneDrive on your computer.

Right-click the folder and choose the "Share" option containing the OneDrive logo:

ALTERNATIVE: Share a folder via OneDrive Online

Enter a folder you wish to share, click the share button in the top menu:

ALTERNATIVE: Share a file via OneDrive Online

Select the sharing arrow next to a file:

Continue sharing steps from here. These apply to local OneDrive or OneDrive online.

The default sharing option is view-only for SEBTS members.

To allow others to view and edit folder contents, click the "People in Southeastern..." button to change permissions.

To allow others to edit, choose specific people, and optionally, allow editing. then click [Apply]. Otherwise, do not check allow editing to grant view-only access.

Search for individuals with whom you want to share, then click [Send].

The members will receive a link to access the folder via OneDrive online.

How to change permissions of an existing shared folder

Visit your OneDrive online by logging in to 

Enter your shared folder.

Click the (i) icon in the top-right corner of the page to view folder info:

Click Manage access

Click the ellipsis menu to see more options next to any existing sharing methods:

Remove the link altogether (A), remove certain users (B), or add new users. Save when done.

How to find your shared files

Shared files and folders will be indicated by a sharing icon in your local OneDrive folder:

You and your recipients can view shared files in OneDrive online. Choose "Shared", then either shared with me or shared by me