For students who are on-campus, profile pictures are taken at Ledford for Southeastern 1Cards, and the photo is uploaded by Student Services to the student's CampusNet profile.  Remote (off-campus) students, can submit their own photo to the Information Technologies Department to have it uploaded to their CampusNet profile.

For Off-campus students, here is how to submit your photo:

  • Take a digital photo of yourself that meets the following guidelines:
    • Headshot (above the shoulder - similar to a passport photo)
    • Front-facing the camera (head not angled to side)
    • Background should be plain with a single light color (preferably white, off-white or light blue)
      • Avoid a cluttered background - a plain light-colored wall would be fine.
    • Picture submitted should be square.  (File size is not critical, but around 1MB would be typical).
    • Acceptable file types: JPG, PNG

Here's a guideline example of a well-formatted headshot:

To submit your photo, send an email to with your name and student number and attach your picture file. This will generate a ticket in the IT workorder system, and a technician will process your request.