DO protect your account credentials. Only enter your password on websites you know are managed by SEBTS. If you suspect fraud, phishing, or hacking on your student account, please report it immediately. 

DO wait until your email app (Outlook, Android mail, Apple mail, etc.) prompts you for your updated password. It takes a little time to sync. If you immediately change your password on these apps you could potentially lock yourself out of your mailbox.

DO NOT attempt to reset your password using any other means outside of these instructions as it could be fraudulent. The password change and reset services are hosted through our integration with Microsoft 365. Read more about your Microsoft 365 account.

How to change your password if you already know it

  1. Sign in to

  2. Click your initials or photo in the top-right page corner, then click My Account:

  3. Click Change Password:

  4. Complete the form on the page to change your password:

How to reset your password if you do not know it (students only)

Staff and Faculty MembersOnly IT admins & techs can reset your password. If you need to reset your password, please email and we will reset it for you.


  1. Visit and click Sign In
  2. Click Can't Access Your Account? on the page:

  3. If prompted, choose Work or School Account

  4. You will be redirected to Be sure that the url reads exactly as shown, including the security lock icon:

  5. Enter your student email address on the page and complete the Captcha challenge, which looks like this:

  6. Complete the next few steps to have a password reset link sent to your primary contact email address from your student record.