Thank you for choosing to continue your graduate studies here with us at SEBTS! To transfer previously earned graduate credits towards an SEBTS degree program, you will need to have your previous school submit an official copy of your transcript to our Registrar’s Office for an evaluation. If you already had your school send an official copy of your graduate transcripts during the application process, then simply e-mail us at or call us at (919) 761-2215 and request that we pull your file and evaluate your transcripts for graduate transfer credit. 

If we do not have your official graduate transcript on file, please have your previous school mail the transcript directly to our Registrar’s Office at the following address:  

SEBTS Registrar’s Office

P.O. Box 1889

120 S. Wingate Street

Wake Forest, NC 27587

At SEBTS we are accredited through the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), and per our accreditation, below are some of the standard policies that we adhere to when evaluating graduate transfer credits:


a) All graduate transfer credits have to be earned from an approved accredited institution.


b) All graduate transfer credits must also come from completed graduate courses with a final grade of C- or better, or a “Pass” in a pass/fail format. Students can only have a maximum of 15% of their grade be comprised of pass/fail courses. 


c) All graduate transfer credits must also come from courses that are less than 10 years old, and each course has to be a direct match with a course we offer in our catalog or else it will transfer in as general elective credit. 


d) Students can transfer in a maximum of 2/3 of their credits needed to complete a graduate degree here at SEBTS, as long as the credits are being used from a degree that has not been previously completed. If credits come from a completed degree it is classified as “conferred” and students will only be eligible to receive a maximum of HALF of the credits from the previous degree per our accreditation standards. 


e) PLEASE NOTE: If a student uses previous course work from other schools to fulfill a prerequisite for getting into a specialized program at SEBTS, these courses will NOT be transferable.