The College at Southeastern:               

The Associate of Arts is available to any student, while the Associate of Divinity is specifically for students 30 years of age and older who do not have a prior undergraduate degree. We also offer a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, as well as a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies


Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary:

We offer five master’s degrees as well. The Master of Divinity is our most popular. This degree is available currently in the Christian Ministry, Preaching and Pastoral Ministry, Missiology and, North American Church Planting tracks! The Master of Arts in Christian Studies is a very popular degree, covering 11 core courses and a research project. The Master of Arts in Church Planting is designed to assist those who are either in an official interviewing relationship or deployment with the NAMB or IMB. Finally, the Master of Theological Studies is designed to assist a specific cohort of international students to complete master’s degrees entirely online.