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A Threaded Discussion (activity type: Forum) gives you an opportunity to participate in virtual conversations at any time and any location. Threaded discussion refers to online discussion postings about a topic. In an online course, your professor will have several discussion assignments throughout the semester. Each threaded discussion has a question for students to answer or a topic to discuss. Students are asked to post their answer on the Discussion Forum assigned to the week, read other students’ posts, and respond to them. This group of messages with the initial message and responses is called a 'thread'. Be sure to follow your professor’s specific instructions, found either in the syllabus or on the course's home page on CampusNet. 

Here are the steps for locating and posting to a threaded discussion:

1. Log in to CampusNet, click the Menu pull-down and select My Courses and go to the course page you want to edit and find the threaded discussion by either scrolling down to the week it was posted, or by going to the Activities block on the right and clicking Forums.  Click the name of the discussion/forum to open it.

2.  You will see the topic or question being posed near the top of the page.  The Subscribed column shows a Yes/No button which you can use to subscribe.  If you set it to Yes, you will receive emails for each post anyone makes to that forum, assuming the professor has set up the forum to allow subscriptions.  

3. To respond to the question or discussion, click the Reply link on the right.

4. In the Your reply screen that appears enter your response in the Message section.  If you are attaching a file with your response, use the Attachment controls at the bottom to upload it.

5. When done entering your reply, click the Post to forum button.  When you have posted your reply, it will appear on your screen, and you will have approximately 30 minutes to edit or delete your post before it appears to other users of the forum. After this timeout, the Edit and Delete controls below the post will disappear from your screen.

6. If you want to reply to another student's post, click the Reply link at the bottom of that post.  Your reply will show below the other student's post.  (The same 30 minute editing timeout applies after you post your reply).