Purpose:  This article will inform students how to manage student records releases (FERPA releases) using Self-Service. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal regulation that controls release of student records to any third-party, including but not limited to spouse, parents, or guardians. For this reason and to protect student privacy, we are unable to release student record information unless the student provides written authorization. Southeastern has transitioned away from using paper forms for student records releases to using electronic forms via Self-Service. 


Here are the steps for managing your FERPA information from your Self-Service profile:

  [This FERPA information can also be entered when using Term Check-In]. 

Where to find your FERPA release records:

1.  Login to Self-Service using your SEBTS email and password.

2.  In the top right corner on the screen, click your name, and select Profile from the dropdown.

3.  In the tabs that appear below the header containing your picture, select the Records Release tab (on the right side of the tab bar - you may need to use the right arrow to display that tab),  

4.  Carefully read the information about how release information is handled.  If you want to release some of your information to any third parties (including family), you must add a release for each.

Adding a Release:

1.  After selecting the Records Release tab, click the blue icon  +  to add a new release.

2.  For each new release, select the Third-Party Type (Person or Organization) and fill in all the required fields:   

  •  In the Person field pull-down, you may see names of people you have previously provided to Southeastern, such as a parent, spouse or child.
  • When using the Organization field pull-down, enter some characters in the organization's name to see if its information is already in the database.  If not, select "Create New Organization" to enter the data yourself.

3.  Make sure all required information is filled out.  (For organizations, email address and phone number fields are optional, but it may be helpful for you to provide them).

4.  In the Record Types to Release section, check the boxes for all types you want to release.  Hover over the blue information icons to see the types of records covered by each type.

5.  Click to select the Reason for Release, then read and click to select all three consent and acknowledgement statements at the bottom.

6.  Check over this release and when done, click the   Sign And Submit    button. 

7.  Add any other releases you want in the same manner.

Updating a Release:

1. Once you have submitted a release, it will appear your Profile page's Records Release tab, in the Current Student Record Releases field.  

2. Click the link in the Third-Party Name column to review or change the information:

Revoking a Release:

You can revoke a prior release from the Current Student Record Releases section by clicking the red trash can icon that appears on the right side of that entry.

Confirm this removal by clicking the Revoke button, or press Cancel to keep the release:

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: This Student Records Release process is also accessed when using Term Check-In. (See this article: Term Check-In on Self-Service).