The following steps will show you how to check course descriptions on courses for which you may want to register. The descriptions may have important information and requirements for you to understand before registering for a course.

1. Go to CampusNet ( and from the top menu click Self-Service, then Self-Service Home and be sure you are signed in with your student ID.

2.From the top menu, select Courses to view the Courses Search screen.

3. In the Keywords field type a word or two which will narrow the search (ex: course name or number, description keywords, etc.)

4. Click the "Search for [Year/Semester] classes" link and select the semester you want.

5. For a simple search, just enter something to search for in the Search field (such as course name, number, instructor, etc. To narrow down your search, you can use the Advanced search and select from the menus any settings you want to require. Click Search to see the results.

Note: The Session pull-down is generally set to Main unless you are looking for half semester classes, etc.  (You can leave Session blank if you want to see everything).

6. The Course type settings help you narrow the search to find Online, Hybrid or other special category courses:

7. When your search settings are complete, click the blue    SEARCH   button to see the results. 

8. In the search results you can click the course identifier link (course name and number) to open a window with information about the course for you to review.  The information includes the course credits, a description of the course, the instructor's name, dates and times for the class, number of seats, etc.

  1. For Online courses, you may see information about the teacher that is in the recorded content, if that is different from your course instructor.
  2. For Hybrid courses, in addition to the teacher and recorded content information, you will see information on the required dates and times and location that the class will meet in person.

Note:  For additional information on two year rotations, and rotations for Layered Hybrid, 3:9 Cohorts, and selected elective offerings, click the Search item in the top menu and select Student Course Schedule Planning.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial for this, go to this link:

Finding Conference Classes:  If you are looking for conference classes to attend for credit, put the word conference into the search field.  You may get extra results that have that word in them, but the conference classes should be in the results.  For more on conference classes, see: