This article will show you the changed process for registering for classes, which Self-Service version 9 has simplified.  With the new process, you will be able to register and view your schedule and make any needed schedule changes quickly.

1. To get started, from CampusNet be sure you are logged in with your student ID, then click the Menu icon and click Self-Service Home.

2. In the new screen, click Registration - Courses.  This will allow you to search for courses for which you want to register. 

[NOTE: For more details on course searches, including Advanced search controls, see these links]:


  Video:  Checking Course Descriptions

3. To start your registration, check the Search for [Year/Semester] link on the Courses screen and be sure you select an upcoming term that is open for registration.  Now enter what you want to search for, course name or number, topic, instructor, etc.  Look through the results to find an available course for which you want to register and click its blue Add button to put it into your cart.

4. If you have more courses to register for, find them in a similar manner and add them to your cart.

5. If a course you want has zero seats available, you will see "To waitlist" below the Add button.  Click Add to put it in your cart as a Waitlist course. Students nearing graduation will be given a higher priority.  If a seat becomes available to you, you will receive an email notification and have 24 hours to register for the seat before the slot goes to someone else.

6. When you have added all your courses, the next step is to check over your schedule. The Courses screen has a small My Schedule window on the right, and you can click the Calendar icon there to see a mini-schedule window.

However the best way to view your schedule is to click Registration - My Schedule in the left menu.  This provides a full screen view.  With nothing checked, you will see the courses you are already registered for, if any.  Click the Courses in cart checkbox to see those items and click the Waitlist courses checkbox to see courses for which you are on the waitlist.  Check over your schedule to see if it is what you want.  

7. If you want to delete something from your cart, just click the View Cart button, and in the cart click the X at the top right of the course to remove it.

8. When ready to register, click the Register button at the bottom of your cart.  In a few seconds you should see "Congratulations! You have completed your Registration" at the top of the screen.  The registered classes will show a green "Registered" status, and the Waitlisted classes will show a blue "Pending" status.

9. If you decide to remove yourself from the Waitlist for a class, click the X at the top right of that course in the Cart to remove it.

10. If you want to drop a course for which you have registered, click the Trash Can icon at the top right of that course in the cart.  You will get a confirmation pop-up window.  Just click Drop Course if you are ready to drop it.  Note that you can use Self-Service to drop a course only up until the tuition deadline date.  After that you must contact the Registrar's office to drop. After clicking the Drop button you should see the message "Course successfully dropped" in a few seconds.

Fees can be assessed if dropping a course after the tuition deadline.  (The Self-Service home has detailed registration deadline dates and more information on this). 

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial for this, go to this link: