A Video version of this is also available:    How To Upload an Assignment Submission in CampusNet (v2)
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Here are the steps for submitting a file for an Assignment:

1. Log in to CampusNet, click the Menu pull-down and select My Courses and go to the course page you want to edit and click on the assignment (two methods):

  1. Go to the week for the assignment and click it - OR
  2. On the right side of the home page, click the Assignments link in the Activities block and select the assignment from the list by clicking its name.

2. The Submission status page will open to show information on any submission attempts you have made and the due date.  If there are no previous submissions, click the Add submission button.  [If you have already submitted the assignment and now want to change it, see step 5 below].

3. On the next screen you can select the file you want to submit in one of two ways:

  1. Drag the file into the window (as indicated by the blue arrow) and click Save changes - OR
  2. Click the Add button at the top left of the box and in the File picker screen, click Upload a file and use the Choose file control to select your submission file and click the Upload this file button and click Save changes.

4. You will now return to the Submission status screen which will show the submitted status.

5. If later you find you need to change your submission, you can click the Edit submission button, click the file name and use the controls as needed (change the file name, delete the file, etc.).  If you need to re-upload a new version, use the Delete button to delete the prior version first, then upload the new version and click Save changes.