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This article will show you how to set up a course's gradebook to let different graded items to be different percentages of the final grade.  It will also show you how to group some items into a new grade category with its own percentage of the final grade, and show you how to view the Grader report for the course.

NOTE: Click the question mark bubbles when editing your course for more detailed information for the various settings. 

Setting up a Weighted Gradebook:

1. Log in to CampusNet, click the Menu pull-down and select My Courses and go to the course page you want to edit.

2. Click the Settings gear icon on the right and click Gradebook setup.

3. Under the Actions column, click the Edit pull-down that is on the right side of the top-level (course name) row and click Edit settings.

4. In the Grade category section, make sure the Aggregation setting is Weighted mean of grades.

5. Scroll down and click Save changes.

Creating a New Category:

6. Now create a Category for any items you wish to group together into one grade weight percentage:

  1. Click the Add category button at the bottom.
  2. Enter a Category name (for example, Quizzes).
  3. Set the Aggregation as desired (for example, Mean of grades if you want all quizzes to be weighted equally in the category).
  4. At the bottom of the Grade category section, click Show more . . .  and new items will appear:
    1. Set the Exclude empty grades checkbox as you want. You can check it to exclude items that have not been graded, so the student sees the current grade average for only the things that have been graded. If you choose this method, near the end of the course be sure to uncheck the box once all assignments have been graded in order to have any assignments not done by the student to receive a zero.
    2. If desired, enter into the Drop the lowest field the number of lowest grades you wish to exclude from the grade calculation.
  5. Click Save changes, then after the recalculation, click Continue.
  6. You will see that the new category (Quizzes in our example) has been created.  Under the Weights column, put the weight you want this category to have in the final percentage (for example, if you want the new Quizzes category to be 20%, enter 20 in its Weight column).  Click Save changes, then after the recalculation, click Continue.

7. Back on the Gradebook setup page, if you have any items that will not be included in the grade, enter zero in their Weights column, and click Save changes, then after the recalculation, click Continue.

Moving items into the new category:

8. To move items into your new category, click those items' checkboxes on the right side, then scroll to the bottom and in the Move selected items to pull-down, select the new category name (Quizzes in our example). 

9. After the recalculation, click Continue.

10. Adjust the Weights for all of the top level items (not in a sub-category).  The Weights should add up to 100.

      Note: If you have assignments that are not automatically graded (for example, threaded discussions, which are Forums}, you must use the Add grade item function for those as follows:

  1. Click Add grade item and type in the Item name and click Save (leaving the rest of the settings alone).
  2. On the Gradebook setup screen change the Weight of this new item so that all weights add up to 100.
  3. Note:  If you have multiple threaded discussion forums to be graded seperately, you must create a new category (for example Threaded discussions) and move all those items into that category.  You will assign the weight of the category so that all the items in the Weights column in the Gradebook setup screen add up to 100.

Moving items anywhere in the gradebook

From the Gradebook setup screen, in the row for the item you want to move, click the Move icon on the left side (up/down arrow).  After the screen refreshes, click the grey Move to here icon at the position to which you want the item to move.  The screen will refresh again with the item moved.

Viewing the Grader Report:

From the Gradebook setup screen, click the pull-down at the top, then click Grader report to see a table with the rows showing all of the students and the columns showing all of the assignment items.  All items you included in the Gradebook setup screen will be shown, including the manually-graded items like threaded discussion forums.