After reviewing an account balance online through self-service [See: How do I review my student account balance?], students will be able to review all activity on their student account. Depending on the filter being used students may see a line by line list of all activity or they may see all activity condensed into totals by charge/credit type.


The information will be condensed at the bottom of the page in the following manner:




Summary Total:

Represents a total of all charge/credit activity within the given year/term.

Anticipated Financial Aid:

Represents a total of all financial aid for a given year/term. This total is based on an initial estimate by the financial aid office and is subject to change in the event a student does not meet various requirements.


This is the student account balance for a given semester. This field is calculated by subtracting anticipated financial aid from summary total.

From other periods/sessions



This field indicates any account balance from a previous semester.


A number surrounded by parenthesis indicates a credit. Any credit balance from a previous semester will automatically be applied to a student's balance.


A number that is not surrounded by a parenthesis indicates that a student had a balance due at the conclusion of a semester.

Balance Due:

The balance due field represents the total of all charges/credits not listed as anticipated. This field is calculated by adding the Period/session total field to the Balance field.


As with the balance field, a number in parenthesis indicates a credit while a number without a parenthesis indicates a balance due. If balance due reports as a credit students are possibly eligible to either: 1) reduce an existing Nelnet plan 2) apply their credit to future charges 3) request their credit back in the form of a check.

Anticipated Financial Aid:

This field represents the total of all anticipated financial aid across all semesters. If a total is found in this field it means that financial aid has not yet reviewed the student account to ensure that all eligibility requirements have been met.

Anticipated Balance:

The anticipated balance field informs a student of the balance due on their student account after all charges/credits have been taken in to consideration. This total reduces the balance due by the total anticipated financial aid.


Students reporting a positive balance in both the Balance Due field and the Anticipated Balance Due field are expected to make a payment by the appropriate deadline.