Institutional Financial Aid comes directly from Southeastern through gracious donors and endowments. Institutional Aid is tuition-specific and requires you to follow certain Eligibility Standards

External Financial Aid comes from outside organizations. Each scholarship has its own deadlines, requirements, and limits on what the funds can be used for. We encourage you to check out the additional scholarships and state-specific scholarships pages for a list of potential scholarship opportunities.


Due to the generosity of commissioning churches within the SBC, Southeastern is able to provide a substantial amount of aid to students who are members of SBC-affiliated churches. For more information about the SBC scholarship, see "How much is the SBC Scholarship and how do I apply for it?".


You may also sign up for a payment plan through the Accounting Services Office, or you can take out a private loan to cover costs. We encourage you to check out our student loans page for more information about the loan process.