We are sorry that you are having trouble registering for courses. In an effort to best assist you, below is a helpful list of the most common issues that cause registration errors. Please check this list carefully to see if one or more of these issues apply:

  • Make sure you are not trying to register for courses using the Internet Explorer browser. This web browser often fails to display key links and this prevents students from completing the registration process.


  • Please be aware that before you can register, you must verify/update your personal information by completing “Term Check-In” on Self Service. There should be a green check mark that appears once completed successfully. To do so, login to Self Service then select “Term Check-In” and go through all of the verification steps before trying to add courses to your cart for registration check out.

  • Check to see if there is a “STOP” on your account that is preventing you from registration. These stops can be placed on the account for an overdue tuition balance, unpaid parking tickets, academic disciplinary issues, or degree program issues. If it is an accounting issue, please call our Accounting Office (919) 761-2207 to discuss your balance and make payment arrangements. If it is an academic issue, please contact our Registrar Office at (919) 761-2215. If it is a parking issue, please contact our Campus Security Office at (919) 291-1903.

  • Make sure that the course you are trying to register for has seat availability and is a course you are eligible to take in your degree program. A general rule of thumb with our course code system is that undergrad courses have a number that is in the 2000-4000 level, a graduate course is listed in the 5000-7000 level, and an advanced degree course is the 9000 level.

  • If none of these issues apply to you and you still can’t register for classes, please contact our Registrar Office at (919) 761-2215 for further assistance.