Yes! Begin by logging in here:, with your Student ID number and passcode that you have received from the IT Office. (If you are a new student and have not received an ID number and password, please note that you must first complete online New Student Orientation [BluePrint for undergraduates]. There are often multiple check boxes in sections of the NSO which you must check before registration is enabled.  Once NSO has been completed, you should receive your passcodes within 24 hours).

Next, click on the “Term Check-In” tab and select “Step 1.” Here you will need to verify and update your contact information prior to registering each semester. Then, proceed by selecting “Step 2.” Subsequently, click on the term that you are registering for, i.e. “2016/Spring.”

At this point, you can begin to register for classes. You can select “Academic Plan” to view a list of your degree requirements and “Section Search” to search for courses offered in a given semester. You will add classes to your cart and proceed to checkout after you have made your selections.

» Please note: classes added to your cart do not hold a seat in the class for you. You must proceed completely through registration and see the message “Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered” to reserve a seat in a class.

**Some students receive an ERROR message after processing their registration, but it does not necessarily mean the registration was not finalized. Please check your course registration, by going to the “Register” tab, click “Traditional Courses”, click the appropriate period (term), and then look under the section entitled “Registered Courses.” If your classes are listed there, then it means your registration was successfully processed.