To register for classes, please follow this step-by-step guide: Please be aware that before you can register, you must verify/update your personal information by completing “Term Check-In” on Self Service. There should be a green check mark that appears once completed successfully. 

  Adds initiated after the tuition deadline will be charged a $25 Add/Drop Fee per course.


Please note: classes added to your cart do not hold a seat in the class for you. You must proceed completely through registration and see the message “Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered” to reserve a seat in a class.


Some students receive an ERROR message after processing their registration, but it does not necessarily mean the registration was not finalized. Please check your course registration, by going to the “Register” tab, click “Traditional Courses”, click the appropriate period (term), and then look under the section entitled “Registered Courses.”  If your classes are listed there, then it means your registration was successfully processed.