First, it is important to understand the difference in a drop and withdraw:


Drop- dropping a course may occur all the way up until the Drop Deadline (noted on the Academic Calendar). This can be done through Self-Service (register tab traditional courses click the term check the box next to the course you want to drop hit next and finalize the process),

OR by contacting the Registrar’s Office via phone or e-mail. When dropping a course in Self-Service, a dropped course will not show up on your transcript and the associated tuition charges will be reversed.

 Drops initiated after the tuition deadline will be charged a $25 Add/Drop Fee per course

Note: After the last day to add classes, the “Drop” feature on Self-Service will be disabled and you will have to contact the Registrar’s Office to be dropped.  

Withdraw- withdrawing from a course occurs when you no longer wish to be enrolled in a course but the Drop Deadline has passed. To withdraw, you must submit the "Withdrawal from Course" form found on Campus Net under “Student Forms and Info” (click the "Withdraw from Course" link). If you withdraw, the professor will give the approval on the requested form as well as a Withdraw Pass or Withdraw Fail. The “WP” or “WF” will appear on your transcript. Furthermore, the student will still be held responsible for tuition; in other words, the associated tuition charges will NOT be reversed!