These pet types are welcome in all campus apartments (No Pet Application or Pet Fee Required):

non-poisonous frogs, domestic hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, small domesticated birds, and domestic fish provided these pets are maintained in aquariums or cages.

These pet types are welcome in designated “Pet Friendly” apartments at Fletcher Village, Flaherty Farms (with completed Pet Application approved by the Director of Housing and $ 250.00 Pet Fee):

Domestic cats and many breeds of dogs. See Pet Application for prohibited breeds. Click to view our Pet Application.

These pet types are prohibited in all campus apartments:

ferrets, iguanas, snakes, spiders, insects, and all other animals, rodents, fowls, and reptiles.

Service animals: The only pets allowed that are otherwise not permitted by these guidelines are pets trained as service animals to accompany a resident with a verifiable disability for the specific purpose of aiding that person.