Our online classes do tend to fill up quickly, so if you’ve found that a class you want is full, here are some options for you to consider:


If your schedule allows, we highly recommend our hybrid courses. Like online sections, the hybrids give you the flexibility of watching lectures and doing coursework online. The unique added feature in hybrid courses is the valuable opportunity to spend a weekend of face-to-face time with your professor and classmates. Many of our core online classes have a hybrid section as well, so it would be good to check to see if any of these have open seats.


If hybrids are not an option for you, you may opt to add your name to the wait list for the course you want to take. This of course is not a guarantee that you will get into the class, as seats only open up when other students drop the class. If a seat opens up, you will need to register for the class as soon as you are notified.


Check out the other course formats that are available:

  • Conference courses are centered are popular Christian conferences, and include online work in addition to conference and meeting attendance. 
  • Monday-Only classes meet at the Wake Forest campus from 8am-5pm for five consecutive Mondays. These classes are a great option for those who live within driving distance to campus. 
  • Extension Centers are located in Richmond, VA; Charlotte, NC; Anderson, SC; Charleston, SC; and Tampa, FL. If you live near one of our Extension Centers, consider taking a class there. Most classes either meet in a hybrid or 4-Saturday format. 
  • Check the schedule to see if your course is offered as an intensive. These usually take place during Fall & Spring Break, January, and Summer.