The video lectures appear in a block called “Panopto Focus” in the upper-right hand side. Follow these steps to download the lectures from iTunes (you can also get iTunes for free if you do not currently have it).

1.  Scroll down to “Podcast feeds” in the Panopto block.

2. Select “Video Podcast.” This should automatically open your iTunes and start downloading the most recent lecture only.

3.  After this, in iTunes, go to the Feed for this “podcast” and manually select each of the lectures underneath the feed for download.

4.  This process may take a while!

5.  Also, please remember these lectures are not for distribution or public/church/small group showing.

6.  Enjoy!

For more help, please watch these instructional videos:

Downloading lectures on a computer: 

Downloading lectures on an Android device:

Downloading lectures on an iOS device: