Quick Overview:

Moodle is the CampusNet interface where your online and hybrid classes will operate. At the top section of the Moodle page, there will be tabs to different resources you may need. At the top left of the Moodle page, there is a pull-down menu that will show the dashboard, calendar, and your courses. From here you can select to go to your course page. 

On the course page, you will upload assignments, interact in dialogue with the professor and other students, and take quizzes and exams. Each week you will see “Watch,” “Read,” and “Assignment” sections. These contain all tasks which are due that week: watching lectures, reading assignments, upload an assignment, or take a quiz/exam. Thus, everything the student needs to properly take a class will be found in Moodle.

How to Use Moodle:

[This section gives the written steps which are shown in this Introduction to Moodle video]

1. If you are on the SEBTS home page (www.sebts.edu), you can use the Current Students tab at the top to go to CampusNet (or use its direct link: campusnet.sebts.edu).

2. Log in to CampusNet using your student ID number and password.

3. Besides Moodle, CampusNet also has the following helpful tabs at the top:

  1. Links (this pull-down shows links to several campus departments along with links to the Library and Ledford Student Center).
  2. Self-Service (use the Self-Service website to search, register and pay for your courses or to use the Student/Faclty Directory).

4. To enter Moodle, click the My Moodle tab at the top of the CampusNet web page.

  1. Course Overview:  This dashboard-type entry screen for Moodle has these main tabs at the top:
    1. Timeline:  Shows any upcoming due dates for assignments, quizzes, etc.  The controls below this allow you to Sort by Date or Sort by Courses.
    2. Courses:  Shows your In progress courses along with your Future registered courses and Past courses. Each course is shown in a large button which you can click to enter the course's Moodle page.

                    Note: When you log in to Moodle, the Course Overview page will remember which tab you used last.

5. Course Page Layout:  Main sections

  1. General Information section: Contains Announcements for the class, the course Syllabus, Moodle Help videos and other overall course resources.
  2. Week sections: Course page is organized chrononogically by week, showing the activities for each week.
  3. People block: Links to the class roster.
  4. Activities block: Links allow you to view by activity type.
  5. Panopto block: Links to lecture videos (open in a browser window) and Podcasts (open in your podcast player, e.g., iTunes).

6. Course page with Navigation Pane open and Grades selected:

For the "Introduction to Moodle" video tutorial, go to this link:


For all of our Moodle Help Videos for Students, go to this link: