It is recommended that you use either the Chrome or Firefox browser with BBB. Also, please watch this YouTube instructional video in addition to using these instructions:

1  . 1.  From your course page, click on the BBB live event.

  2. 2.  A new window should open that will take you right into the BBB interface, provided the event you are joining has already started.

3.   3.  The first dialogue box will ask you how you want to join the audio, whether via a microphone or “Listen only.” Choose “Microphone” if you have an external microphone built into your computer or your webcam. Choose “Listen only” if you have no microphone. Note: you might have to give your browser permission to use your microphone. Choose “Allow.”

4.   4.  The next dialogue box will be an audio testing box. If you can hear audio when you speak, click Yes. This should cause you to join the audio, which will be indicated with a green checkmark  on the headphones icon in the upper left hand corner of your screen. It is very important that you use HEADPHONES for the live event rather than your computer speakers.

5.   5.  Now that your audio is set up, you will see on the left hand side of the screen a dialogue box titled “users.” You should see your name on this list. Next to your name there should be a  microphone icon. You may click on this icon to mute and unmute yourself. If you are not speaking, you should mute yourself to cut down on overall background noise in the event.

6.   6.  Back in the upper left hand side of your screen you will see an icon of a webcam. Clicking this icon will open a dialog box asking you to allow Adobe Flash Player. Click “Allow.” This will  generate  a webcam preview. Click “Start sharing,” and your webcam will pop down to the lower left hand side of your screen, along with other students who have shared their webcam.   

7.   7.  If you wish to ask a question or make a response of some kind, you must click the hand icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the “users” dialogue box. Your status will then display as having a raised hand. The professor will see that your hand is raised, and when he or she is ready they will “call on you” by unmuting you, allowing you to speak.

  8. 8.  If audio and/or video are not functioning well, you also have the option of typing in your questions and responses in the messenger box on the right hand side of the screen. Type in the open  space at the bottom of the box and click “Send” to post your question or response. If this becomes the means of communication during your event due to audio issues, remember to wait until  you are “called on” to post a question or respond to a comment.

9.   9.  Once the event is over, click “Logout” in the upper right hand corner of your screen.