Because we want online students to have regular and frequent interaction with course material, it is really important that they are engaged each and every week.  Since we ask students to participate at least once in a week, we ask professors to check attendance as an early warning system to help avoid problems with students getting behind.  This article will show the quick steps you can take to monitor and help head off attendance problems each week.

1. Log in to Moodle and open your course. 

2. Under the People menu on the right side, click Participants.

3. Click the pull-down near the top that says "Search keyword or select filter" and click Role: student.

4. After the screen refreshes, click the Last access to course column on the right to sort the student table with the oldest access times at the top.

5. Please email any students who have not logged in for more than 7 days, in order to check in with them and ask it there is anything wrong, and to see if there is anything you can do to assist with helping them stay on top of the course material. 

[Of course use your knowledge of your course calendar to account for periods where the 7 day limit might not apply, such as break weeks or weeks there are no required assignments or other reasons for which they might need to login].

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial for this, go to this link: