"Threaded discussion" refers to online discussion postings about a topic. This group of messages with the initial message and responses is called a 'thread'.  The activity type for this is Forum.

Creating a new Threaded Discussion (if not already present):

1. Log in to Moodle and go the the course page you want to edit.

2. Click the gear icon at the top right and click Turn editing on

3. Scroll down to the section you want to change and click Add an activity or resource.

4. Under Activities, select Forum and click the Add button.

5. Type in the Name for this discussion and the Description of the the topic or question to be discussed.

6. Continue with the following steps, as needed.

Changing the settings for an existing Threaded Discussion:

1. Turn Editing on (see steps 1 & 2 above). [Alternatively, if Editing is off, you can click the name of the discussion and click the settings gear on the right and click Edit].  Click Expand all on the right if you want all fields expanded.

2. Make any changes you need in the various settings - here are a few important ones:

   NOTE: Click Moodle's question mark bubbles for more detailed information for the various settings.

  1. Change Name or Description fields as needed (the Description field is important, as it sets the topic for the discussion).
  2. Select the Forum Type - a "Single Simple Discussion" is often used, but check the question mark bubbles for a full description of each type).
  3. The Subscription and Tracking section settings:
    1. Subscription mode determines how (or if) the student receives post notifications - Optional subscription is the norm.
    2. Leaving Read tracking set at Optional is typical, as this lets the student decide if unread posts are highlighted.
    3. Restrict access allows you to set dates the discussion will be viewable by the students:  Click Add restriction and Date to set the From date.  If you want to have it not viewable after a later date, click Add restriction again and set an Until date.  You can also restrict by Grades, if desired.  [It is not recommended to use the User profile or Restriction set methods, as they are quite complex].
  4. Save your settings by clicking Save and return to course or Save and display.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial for this, go to this link: