Once you have created a quiz activity on your CampusNet course page and adjusted its settings, follow these steps to add questions:

Note: For creating or changing settings for a quiz or exam, see this article.

NOTE: When editing your course, click the question mark bubbles for more detailed information for the various settings 

1. Click on the Quiz to which you want to add new questions on the course's page on CampusNet.

2. Click the "Edit quiz" button.

3. Set the Maximum grade field at the top right:

  1. If this course will use Weighted grades, enter 100 for the maximum grade (weights are entered in the Gradebook setup) and click Save.
  2. If this course will use Points-based grades, enter the amount of points you are assigning for this quiz (the quizzes and other activities will be automatically added up for the course grade total).  Click Save.
  • NOTE: If you need to edit this Maximum grade after the quiz has been saved, click the quiz name on your course page then click the gear icon at the top right and click Edit quiz.  Enter the Maximum grade at the top and click Save.

4. Click the "Add" pull-down on the right side and click "A new question".

5. Select the type of question desired. [This example will use "Multiple choice" as the type]. Click the Add button.

6. On the Adding a [type] question page, type the question number (e.g. "1") in the "Question name" field.

7. In the "Question text" field, enter the actual text of the question you are adding.  (Note: you can copy/paste from another source (Word file, etc.).

8. In the "Default points" field, leave the field at "1" for all questions if you want all to be equal in value.  If you want to assign a different value to a question (like more value for a translation question), put in the value you want. This will be used in the automatic calculation of the student's grade on the quiz.

  • NOTE: If you need to edit the points for a question after the quiz has been saved, click the quiz name on your course page then click the gear icon at the top right and click Edit quiz.  Click the pencil icon to the right of the question and enter the number of points desired, and press the Enter key on your keyboard to save this.

9. In the "One or multiple answers" field you will typically leave it as "One answer only".

10. You will typically leave the "Shuffle the choices" and "Number the choices" fields at their default states.

11. In the "Choice 1" field, enter the first multiple choice answer.  Repeat for the other choice fields.  For the correct answer, you normally will choose 100% in the Grade field pull-down.  The Grade fields for all the incorrect answers should remain at "None".

12. When all your choices for this question are entered, click the "Save changes" button at the bottom.

13. You will now be back to the "Editing quiz" screen and will see the entered question(s).

  1. To re-edit the question, click the "Edit question" gear that appears to the left of the question text.
  2. To delete a question, click the trash can icon on the right side of the question line.
  3. To add another question, click the "Add" pull-down on the right side, (just below the question line) and click "a new question".

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial for this, go to this link: