Log in to CampusNet at https://campusnset.sebts.edu and navigate to your class on the My Moodle page. 

Once in your course, if your instructor has provisioned Panopto to your course, you should see a Panopto block on the right side of the screen which shows the recorded lecture sessions for your course. To view a lecture, click the name of the lecture session under the Completed Recordings area. You may need to click "Show All" to find your specific lecture.

Optionally, your professor may create links in the week sections of the course. You will see those lectures with a icon as shown in this example.

Clicking the link to the video will take you to Panopto's video player as shown below.

Following is a list of the controls available in the player.

Begin playing the recorded lecture.

Rewind the lecture 10 seconds

Playback timer slider. This slider shows you how much time has elapsed in the session and how much time remains. You may click anywhere on the slider to advance to a specific point in time in the session.

Volume sliders. You may see either version of the slider. Click the speaker icon to mute the lecture. Hover over it with your mouse and click in the slider to set the playback volume.

Click the 1x icon to change the playback speed of the lecture.

Change the playback to fullscreen mode.


The ^ icon produces a Table of Contents selection as shown below which will allow you to navigate to a specific portion of the lecture. If there are any Notes or Discussions included with the lecture, they are accessed through the icons just about the Table of Contents title. Simply click the ˅ to hide the Table of Contents and return to viewing the lecture.