Update January 2, 2020

This change has been completed. Please read the following article to ensure you continue to receive SEBTS communications sent to your student email account.

December 20, 2019

The SEBTS IT Department wants to make you aware of a very important change coming your way on January 2.

Thus far during your time at SEBTS and The College at Southeastern, you have had an email account beginning with your student id and ending with @sebts.edu. However, you have never needed to check it as we have simply forwarded messages inbound to that account to an external email address which you provided to us.  However during the morning hours of January 2, IT will be de-forwarding your @sebts.edu to your external account


This change means that you will have to start checking your email in one of three ways: 

  1. Log in to https://office.com with your student email address to access the Outlook web app
  2. Set up a computer email client such as Outlook 
  3. Use the Outlook mobile app or your smartphone/tablet mail app. 

Please read this article for setup instructions. Note: the new policy won’t take effect until January 2.

Here are some benefits of this change for you. You will no longer need to be concerned about SEBTS email being caught in your personal account spam filters and these messages won’t be there to clog up your personal email inbox going forward. You will even be able to control whether you receive SEBTS emails when security is a concern.


Some of you may discover for the first time that, as a student, you have access to the web versions of Microsoft Office products in Office 365 and downloadable full versions of Office through this process. There are additional benefits that will be unlocked for you now as well which we will detail in a follow-up email.

Thank you,

SEBTS IT Department